Michelangelo the Mentor

When Michelangelo was alive, he was known as the greatest artist in Italy. This led to countless artists studying his work and aspiring to be like him. He came along during the height of the Italian Renaissance and developed a style that would influence a new movement; Mannerism. Strong figures in complex compositions create depth, interest, and drama in familiar scenes. His depictions of biblical characters brought them alive – struggling, contorting, and standing tall.

Michelangelo’s fame and talents brought with it enormous projects often requiring many assistants to help him and learn from him. These assistants were his students learning from a true master. They would go on to lead successful careers of their own. Although, not as known as Michelangelo, they were great artists’ in their own right.

Beyond those that worked directly with Michelangelo are the generations of artists that traveled to see his works. After Michelangelo died, his work continued to live on and inspire artists. Artists like Peter Paul Rubens sketched works by Michelangelo, learning from him long after he was gone.


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Creation of Adam (hands detail)
Creation of Adam (hands detail) by Michelangelo

Creation of Adam

Drawing of a Woman

Delphic Sibyl

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